Connecting Families Since 1999

What we do

Daycarewebwatch is a leading daycare technology provider committed to enhancing daycare communications and services through technology and innovation. We help our clients offer innovative, value-add services to families and improve operational efficiencies for safe and secure daycare operations. Daycarewebwatch provides families with a real-time video feed into their child's room, while MyKidsDailyReport provides a comprehensive digital daily report straight to a parent's inbox.

Our commitment

With locations all over North America, we know what premium daycares are looking for to enhance their customer services and we are constantly looking for ways to help our clients to add new value added services. Safety and security are extremely important to us, especially since we are dealing with children. We are committed to the most advanced technological innovation to ensure video feeds are safe and secure. We provide personalized one-on-one service for daycare providers - you can always reach an experienced Technology Solutions representative for fast and reliable service.

Why choose us

Daycarewebwatch is committed to providing secure, efficient products to daycares at affordable, competitive prices. We want to make your business run smoother and provide your families with simple, effective communication channels that help you run and grow your business.


Daycarewebwatch is the most secure video delivery service in the industry. All data is SSL-encrypted, all activity is monitored and all viewers have a unique username and password. Other security features include user authentication, password protection, privacy masks and admin controls.


With ultimate compatibility and easy-to-use interfaces, our clients rarely require technical support. But when they do, we are there to provide free unlimited telephone or email technical support. We also provide many options for center-specific customizations and all software upgrades happen automatically in the cloud.


Daycarewebwatch was founded in 1999 with the launch of our flagship product, Daycarewebwatch. Since then, we expanded our product line to include MyKidsDailyReport and now provide solutions and technology services to daycare centers across North America.