Stand out with Innovation

We live in a connected world with unprecedented access to technology and digital communications. Discerning parents are choosing daycare centers that offer innovative and enhanced communication options that fit with their busy lifestyle.

Happy Parents

Parents feel more secure and have peace of mind knowing what's going on with their children throughout the day. They feel more informed and involved and are better prepared to support daycare staff and management.

Higher Enrollment

By offering premium services not available at other daycare centers, yours will stand apart and become the daycare of choice for parents in the vicinity and beyond - driving enrollment higher.

Why choose us is a sister product to We are committed to providing secure, efficient products to daycares at affordable, competitive prices. We want to make your business run smoother and provide your families with simple, effective communication channels that help you run and grow your business.

Security is the most secure video delivery system in the industry and we have carried that commitment to MyKidsDailyReport. All data is SSL-encrypted, all activity is monitored and all users have a unique username and password.


With ultimate compatibility and easy-to-use interfaces, our clients rarely require technical support. But when they do, we are there to provide free unlimited telephone, email or in-session support.


Daycarewebwtch was founded in 1999 with the launch of our flagship product secure video product. Since then, we have expanded our product lines to include MyKidsDaily and now provide a full line of solutions and technology services to child care centers across North America.

Our Solutions

Our products were developed with one goal in mind - to help you enhance the security, services and communication your daycare provides to families. Both MyKidsDailyReport and Daycarewebwatch do exactly that.


MyKidsDailyReport is a fully digital daily reporting solution that enhances the daily communication between your daycare and parents and simplifies your daycare operations. Traditional paper reports can be eliminated. With a quick and easy sign up, you can try it for free for a month with no obligation.

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Daycarewebwatch is the leading and most secure daycare camera system in use in North America today. Our system delivers live video from your classrooms to family members with web-accessible devices. Answer a few short questions and receive a free quote in less than 24 hours.

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