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How Daycarewebwatch works

Once your daycare has set up Daycarewebwatch, you are invited to create a secure user id and password. Once your account is active, you can log in at any time from your desktop or mobile device to see a live stream of the room. Close family members, such as grandparents, can also access the video. We employ the highest security standards to protect your confidentiality. Your child can only be seen by others with access to the same room in the same daycare center.

How MyKidsDailyReport Works

When your daycare center uses MyKidsDailyReports, you will receive a report each day automatically sent to your inbox. The report includes information about food and liquid intake, nap times, diaper changes and activities. There is even a spot for the center to provide photos and customized comments and let you know when supplies are running low. The paper reports that were previously hard to read, lost or creating clutter are a thing of the past. MyKidsDailyReport is fully integrated with Daycarewebwatch.

Is it secure?

Our system is as secure as it can be. Everyone has a unique password and all online activity is monitored for unusal activities. Your child's center manages all of the accounts for your daycare. Only authorized users (parents, grandparents etc.) will have access to your child's room. You will not be able to see into other rooms and likewise parents with children in other rooms will not be able to see into yours, nor can users see on days when their child is absent.

Will I be able to log in from anywhere?

Yes - you can log in from anywhere, and on any device - mobile, computer, Apple or PC. Virtually every large corporation in North America, including government agencies allow access to our system at work. And unlike other systems, Daycarewebwatch is not a bandwidth hog. There are no firewall issues with Daycarewebwatch. We are not App based so there are no continuous updates to worry about.

Five reasons you should ask your daycare for our products

Peace of Mind

If your child had a difficult night and you're worried she'll be cranky at daycare, you can log in and check. Any time of day, you can check and find out what your child is doing. There's nothing like seeing or reading about your child when she's in the care of others to give you peace of mind.

Stay Involved

Being apart from your children can be difficult. And getting information from your kids about their day - what they did and what they ate - can be virtually impossible. Watching your child in the real-time video feed or reading your report can answer all your questions about their day.

See Your Child

Whether through the live video feed of Daycarewebwatch or photos or video clips in MyKidsDailyReport, seeing images and videos of your children while you're not with them will give you a window into their daycare days. Family members or travelling parents will enjoy their very own movie, whenever they're able to tune in, featuring their loved little ones. These pictures will be worth more than a 1,000 words and more than their weight in gold.

Daily Communication

With MyKidsDailyReports, you'll receive a daily email detailing your child's day - from food and drinks to diapers to activities. It even has comments and supplies that are running low. The Daycarewebwatch messaging system allows parents to instantly send a message to your daycare supervisors. Additionally, daycare supervisors can broadcast emergency messages to parents in the event of a daycare evacuation or other emergency.

Involve the grandparents

Grandparents love to see and hear about their grandchildren. From our experience, seeing the reports, images and video in our products will be a highlight for your parents. And while other providers limit access to 10 users at a time, Daycarewebwatch offers unlimited viewers ensuring all family members have instant, secure access at all times.